Bakery Menu

Bagels and Cream Cheese $3.49

Breakfast Puffs $3.95

Bacon, tomato, mozzarella

Hotdog, tomato, mustard


Plain ($3.95)

Chocolate or Almond ($4.95)

Scones & Beignets $4.95

Sugar, cinnamon, lemon curd, chocolate chip, orange, breakfast scones

Maison Jar Puddings $4.95

Belgian Waffle $4.95

Sausage Rolls $4.95

Quiche $5.95

Our Famous Meat Pies! $5.95

mince/beef and cheese/potato top

Sweets $2.95

chocolate eggs/russian fudge/chocolate fude/bliss balls/marshmallow/coconut ice/cadbury choclates

Cookies $3.25

breakfast/dulce de leche/brownie/shortbread/yoyo’s

‘A Little Slice of New Zealand’ $3.95

Lamingtons/lolly cake/lemon slice/caramel meringue slice/chocolate peppermint slice/chocolate caramel slice/mallowpuffs/tan square/ginger gems/custard square

Desserts $5.95

apple tart/schichttorte/croissant pudding/pavlova and strawberries/sticky toffee pudding/candy floss/brulee/lemon meringue